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01/02/14: New website!

Howdy doody,

Just a quick note to let you know that we are busy working on a brand new website at the moment so that's why there's not been updates on the blog etc.


Seeya when it's all done!  


In the meantime stay in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter.   x

09/10/13: Next stop Paris.

An amazing time was had last weekend as the Spaceships' 'Folktronica is Cool' line up went out to Berlin to play at this year's Melodica acoustic festival. (although we did take out synths and laptops as well because that's about as acoustic as Spaceships gets!).


The festival ran for two days at Urban Spree gallery/art space situated in a vast derelict area that has now been taken over by artists.  We have to give a huge shout out to Matthias and Kai who organised the whole thing and to all the crew and volunteers who worked so hard to make it such a special event.   

Video footage and photos are now up on the Spaceships facebook page.


Next up is the long awaited Paris Melodica festival.   This will be the first ever Melodica held in the city of Paris and it's gonna be an ace one!  We'll be catching up with Svavar Knutur, Owls of the swamp, Torben Eckloff, Telma & Louise, Our blanket skies, Past perfect, and Maik Iser. 

The festival is being held at the beautiful La Bellevilloise venue and runs from Saturday 2nd to Sunday the 3rd of November starting each day at 5pm. For more details check out the event page on facebook here:


Seeya there!   

27/09/13: Promo shoot behind the scenes footage.

We can now reveal all the mysterious goings-on that make a pop promo.  Check out the We were here behind the scenes footage over here:

17/09/13: Music for toys and get ready for the single launch!

Hello my lovely space cadets!  Final preparations for the We Were Here single launch are nearly done and it's gonna be an amazing show. There'll be a chance to see the we were here promo video on the big screen along with another amazing promo by Tom Walsh for our good friend We Show Up On Radar. See it:

(I'm also making lots of origami rockets for everyone to go with your free download for the single). 


The other great news is that you can now get your hands on/stream the latest Music for Toys compilation lovingly put together by French label Monster K7.  It's always been ace to work on these projects for them and Vol.5 features collaborations of previous music for toys artists. The Spaceships one was made with Spanish artist Bacanal intruder.


You can stream & buy it from here:


Happy listening and I'll see you at the Nottingham Contemporary on Saturday. x

28/08/13: Get to the single launch!

Just for you lovely people who will be coming to the We were here single launc on September 21st at Nottingham Contemporary we will be giving away a free gogoyoko download code for everyone!  Seeya there.

20/08/13: We were here music video

It's landed! The music video to the We Were Here digital single went online earlier today and has already been re-tweeted by The National Space Centre. Hopefully it will make it up to the boys and girls onboard the International Space Station.

You can check out the vid here:

19/08/13: We Were Here single launch.

This is gonna be an ace one! The full Spaceships live band will be playing at the Nottingham Contemporary on Saturday 21st September to launch the new single We Were Here and also to have a big screen premiere of the accompanying video by Nottingham director Tom Walsh. To celebrate the release of the video the live show will feature sets and puppet astronauts from the video and if that wasn't ace enough... our special guest for the night will be We Show Up On Radar


For full details on the show come along and join the facebook event page here:

27/07/13: Melodica festivals Berlin-Paris.

Hey hey,

For all you lovely people on the continent! I'm gonna be bringing 'Folktronica is Cool' out to Berlin and Paris in October and Novemember to perform at two of the wonderful MELODICA acoustic festivals. Melodica Berlin is on October 5th & 6th (venues and times TBA) and Melodica Paris is taking place on Novemember 2nd & 3rd.


We are playing in Paris on Saturday the 2nd at the beautiful La Bellevilloise venue along with artists from our Melodica family around the world and then we will be playing an extra special in store gig at Balades Sonores record store on Sunday the 3rd. It's quite simply the cutest place to buy vinyl in Paris!



16/07/13: We Were Here promo video.

Hello y'all Space cadets.  Exciting times here at mission control this month! I've teamed up with video director Tom Walsh to make a promo video for the forthcoming digital release of We Were Here single which we  have been shooting all last week.


The video follows the story of three astronaut puppets who discover an abandoned space station orbiting planet Earth. The sets and puppets were lovingly modelled on the Spaceships are cool artwork designed by Jason Allesbrook over at New Giraffe City . It has been amazing to see these cartoons come to life!  The video also features the band members appearing as holograms and on TV monitors aboard the space station and a special debut appearance of baby astronaut Henry Joe.


Other news this month is that due to a pressing plant mis-understanding I have a bunch of CD copies of the Music For Space Cadets EP to spare.  These CDs are B-stock as there are a few long gaps between some of the tracks. So the deal is that if you buy a copy of the WE WERE HERE or HEART ECHOES LP (on CD or Vinyl) or a T-shirt you will get a free copy of the Music for Space cadets EP on CD.

Just order your LPs as usual and you'll get the free CD. There are only about 80 copies of the EP going spare so make sure you get in there quickly.


All the best,    Rob Spaceman. x

07/06/13: Music for space cadets on film.

To go with the forthcoming release of the MUSIC FOR SPACE CADETS mini-LP Mission Control studios has been a hive of activity creating a little toy robot promo vid to go with the track Milkyway Monkeys. All looking sweet so far!  Other exciting video news is coming your way too (but it's top secret at the mo).

29/05/13: video evidence....

So it was yet another amazing Dot to Dot festival this year in Nottingham! My personal highlight being the awesome Bo ningen who played in the Rescue Rooms. We now some new video footage up on youtube including live footage of We were here performed at the Nottingham Contemporary a few months back and some late night Lo-fi footage from our Dot to Dot folktronica set.


There is also some exciting news from Mission Control Studios:  We are releasing x2 new CDs!!!!


The first is a the MUSIC FOR SPACE CADETS mini LP (complete with cute stickers) and the other one is the long awaited REVENGE OF CALCULON mini-LP. Both should be available mid-June from our webshop, live shows and selected record stores.

22/05/13: DOT TO DOT!

Yes! it's nearly Dot to Dot festival again. If you are heading out to the Nottingham D2D on the 26th be sure to get yourself to the Rescue Rooms at 21.35 for a special lo-fi Spaceships set (including some rather super NASA cartoon projections!) in the main bar.

23/04/13: The eagle has landed!

Great big hello to our new space cadet!

02/04/2013 Spaceships remix new Kandia single

Hey hey, the new single 'Scars' by our good friends Kandia is out now and available from iTunes stores. It features our very own remix. Go get!


Our MUSIC FOR SPACE CADETS mini LP is now available to buy from Gogoyoko! If you like Jean-Jaques Perrey, Delia Derbyshire and general electronica for kids, you're gonna love this and so will your kids. It'll also be available on Itunes, eMusic and spotify by the end of this month.


Happy listening.

08/03/13 Remixes and other adventures in the studio.

Yet again we've been able to get our hands on an amazing track from our Portuguese friends KANDIA There's now a Spaceships remix of their forthcoming single SCARS which is out at the end of March. In the meantime you can listen to the remix over at our new Mission Control Studios soundcloud page which is choc full of Rob's production work:


Next live show is another chance to see the Spaceships Folktronic 4-piece line up when they perform at the Acoustic rooms 4th Birthday party at the Nottingham Rescue Rooms on the 25th March. As usual it'll be free entry, lots of cakes, balloons and bubble machines!


Firstly, a great big thanks to everyone who came down to the Inflativerse event at Nottingham Contemporary on Light Night! You can't beat a bit of blow-up planetarium action. We'll be posting a video of the proceedings in the next few weeks.


Two exciting bits of news from our mission control studios this month; Rob Spaceman's dark-side alter-ego REVENGE OF CALCULON now has x5 singles available to buy online from Gogoyoko  & stream from soundcloud .

The tracks form part of an ongoing singles collection that just keeps growing and growing. The idea is that you collect all of them and get some free goodies at the end!   


The other studio news story is that the first batch of music for space cadets from the Spaceships are cool THIS IS THE WAY TO THE STARS LP are now finished and will be available online in early March. If you have small children or consider yourself to still be a youngster these are the tracks for you. Featuring lots of bleeps and beats and a dash of vocoder, the first 4 tracks are : JUPITER JELLY, MILKYWAY MONKEYS, SUGARPOP SPACESHIP & ROCKET-PACK ROBOTS.


On the live front: For the 2nd year running we will be playing a folktronic set at the Acoustic Rooms Birthday party on March 25th at Nottingham's Rescue Rooms. After this, the folktronic band are scheduled to go out to play Melodica festival in Reykjavik and Berlin later in the year. 


Stay spacey everyone.   S.A.C Mission control. x

30/01/13: Explore the Inflativerse!

We are so looking forward to this one! Come & join us for a space adventure at Nottingham Contemporary. The full Spaceships line up will be providing the music for this amazing 'Inflativerse' event as part of Nottingham's Light Night celebrations. 

The Inflativerse is a great big inflatable planetarium that will be running three 20 minute shows per hour from 6pm - 10pm. Spaceships will be on stage at 8.30pm. We are real busy making as many origami rockets as we can for everyone who comes down to the show.

And It's all free entry!!!    See more event details here at the Nottingham Contemporary website:

14/01/13: Merry new year and all that jazz!

Hey space cadets, well the big '13 is off to a good start here at Mission Control. We have the first of our live shows coming up on the 28th at our favourite acoustic night at Nottingham's Rescue Rooms. This will be a sweet gig to come down and see the Spaceships folk trio of Rob Spaceman, Ben James & Mr J Catchpole doing their stuff as well as a chance to catch some of the best acoustic artists in Nottingham.



The Revenge of Calculon single X, Y & Z Rays produced by Rob Spaceman is now available online over at and we have to say that we love it! It's the first of a series of singles from Calculon (they don't seem to want to do the whole LP thing just yet) and live shows are on the cards for the springtime.


Studio news: Our 'This is the way to the stars' space themed children's LP is under construction as we speak and will be out later in the year.


In the meantime, stay lovely, stay spacey.   S.A.C Mission control x




30/12/12 Step into the future....

It's nearly the big 2013! So here's the lowdown on what to expect from Spaceships mission control for the start of the year:


Rob has already started work on a new studio LP (working title 'Dreamscapes') which will be a minimal-lullaby style rework collection of old songs from the Spaceships back catalogue. It will be based around ambient guitar loops and beats from a wonderful 'Tenori-on' bit of kit recently aquired by the studio.


There are plans for a mini tour of live shows to promote the new LP in February-March.



The double single from Revenge Of Calculon (produced by Rob Spaceman) is due for release in early January on digital format only. Watch out for exclusive offers through their twitter page: As well as live dates!

25/10/12: Keeping warm and toasty at Mission control studios.

Hey hey,


Back to work in Mission control studios this month working on brand new Spaceships tracks (expect some tunes coming your way in the new year!) using our full array of lovely vintage synths, which unfortunatley need re-tuning every time they heat up.


The real exciting news is that for the first time ever, we have been producing someone else here at Mission control! It was initially a well-kept secret but now the cat is out of the bag and I can reveal the identity of said artist: REVENGE OF CALCULON!


The evil Dr Calculon is here to takeover the human race with his army of robots fresh out of some 1950s sci-fi B-movie. With a grand mix of kick-ass lo-fi grooves and simply tons of noise, REVENGE OF CALCULON are busy creating a monster! As their humble producer I have finally managed to get them to use at least one instrument that is in tune! 


If we all survive the process there should be a REVENGE OF CALCULON EP out digitally sometime in December, just in time to scare the pants of your friends and family.


Other noisey news: In the few moments of 'down-time' in the studio I have been honouring the likes of Delia Derbyshire and Louis & Bebe Barron by steadily building up a vast sound library of sci-fi sound effects and spacey noises that would even piss off the most tolerant of robots. The golden rule: you can never use too much space-echo on your unbearable noise!


When completed, the intention is to publish two volumes of downoadable sounds for either the use in film & remixing projects or just to amuse/annoy your neighbours.

16/09/12 Olympics and beyond.

Great big thanks to all our Melodica friends old & new! It was yet another triumph this year with some amazing perfrmances at some of the best hangouts Reykjavik has to offer. Plans are now afoot to bring Melodica festival to our home town of Nottingham next year and more cities are signing up too, making Melodica a bigger family by the minute! So for next year keep your eyes out for festivals in Paris, Hamburg, Nottingham, Reykjavik, Cologne, Aarus, New York, Melbourne and more.


One fave act from this year's festival was Xenia Kriisin who armed with just a vocal mic, some sort of amazing harp thing (missed the name of it!) and a kick-ass drummer, created a massive sound that took over the entire room. 


No sooner was Melodica Reykjavik over it was time for our show on the London Live stage in London's Trafalgar square as part of the Paralympics celebrations. Playing in front of the massive 60ft screen was awesome and certainly took us by surprise when the put up the Spaceships logo during our set (Don't think we actually sent it to them!). It also gave us chance to introduce our new band member James Catchpole who has taken up his duties on the guitar. Hell, you can't ever have too many people in dressed in orange can you? It will certainly prove to be interesting when we gig with our two space cadet synth players from Bloodgroup as it'll bump our number up to 9! Photos from the Trafalgar Sq gig are up on our Flickr now.


Now it's back into the studio to beaver away at some brand new tunes and some re-works of old faves that'll be coming your way soon as we restart our 'Free-tune-Friday' downloads again. 


For those of you in Nottingham, don't forget that the Spaceships Folktronica trio will be supporting 80's


Yep, it's Reykjavik Melodica festival once again and Rob & Helen will be teaming up with special guests to perform the 'Folktronica is cool' live show. It's the 2nd time Spaceships have done Melodica Reykjavik and this one looks set to be even better with a whole bunch of international acoustic troubadours and over 60 Icelandic artists! 

The International line up includes: Xenia Kriisin (SE), Our Blanket Skies (DE), Elliot Rayman (US), Kyle Woolard (US), The Nielsons (US), Owls of the Swamp (AU), Telma & Louise (FR), Drew Holland, Low Roar (US), Spaceships are cool (UK), Taylor Selsback (US), Maik Iser (DE).

More details can be found here....

After Melodica the full band are playing the world famous Trafalgar square in London on Friday the 7th September at 1pm. It's a totally free event and an amzing place to come and see music in the heart of London.

25/07/12: the weather is getting better?


So it's been rubbish summer weather so far here in the UK, but we have been real busy getting out there to bring some sunshine pop to the people! Rob & Johnny did a suprise appearance at the brand new No direction home festival up in the north of Sherwood forest (yep the home of Robin Hood). It was on a secret stage made of logs and decorated with fairy lights, hidden away down in the trees. Great fun was had around the camp fire.

The full band ventured down to the big London to play outside the historic London Guildhall as part of the city of London music festival, and despite the rain lots of fine people came out to see us with their umbrellas! Other live stuff at the moment is mainly focused around small scale acoustic shows with Rob Spaceman, Johnny (and his new bass) and our new band member Mr J.Catchpole on guitar. This is gearing up for this year's melodica acoustic festival in Reykjavik held on August 24th-26th in lots of cute cafes and venues in and around Laugavegur. The festival features a collective of international troubadours and a whole loada local artists playing around the clock and the best bit is that its all FREE!

Footage from last years festival can be seen here: 

Also on the live front on October 30th the Spaceships folktronic trio will be supporting pop-legend Hazel O’Connor at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms! Gonna be selling out fast so make sure you get tickets early.

Back in the Mission control studio: Rob has been working on brand new spaceships material which we will be letting you get your hands on through our FREE-TUNE-FRIDAY series throughout the summer. But one of the coolest things at the moment is that  we're providing drum tracks for the new LP by Icelandic electro ba

06/06/12 Mr Bird VS Spaceships are cool TOKYO EP!

Finally! we have got the Tokyo EP, our collaboration with DJ/producer Mr Bird, available for streaming and buying over at gogoyoko. It's been a long time coming but it's all been re-mastered by the awesome Dr B himself and sounds ace. you can get it here:

22/05/12 summer is nearly here.


Hello hello you beautiful cosmonauts & astronauts!

Busy times over the last few months, with some interesting bits and bobs coming out of the studio. June wil probably see another 'Free tune Friday' from the tunes page. The WE WERE HERE LP is now available to mail order from our online shop, . You can get it on fold-out parcel pack CD and 12" vinyl and as always, the artwork has all been hand-screen printed by the lovely people at I dress myself ethical printers.  We are also working hard on getting more stock into Indie Record stores both in the UK and France.

On the live show side of things; 

Had an ace time playing our folktronic set at Nottingham's Antenna media centre earlier this month which gave us a good chance to show off the new set of songs for the first time. The set is basically all the songs from the WE WERE HERE LP.

Our drummer Tim and bassist Johnny C recently came up with the idea of putting together an instrumental only set so we can hold some nights of a total sci-fi wonderland! WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? email us if you reckon it's a good idea!

So what next? We are very proud to announce that we will be headlining the 'Acoustic Rooms' stage at this year's DOT TO DOT festival in our home town of Nottingham on Sunday the 3rd of June. It's an awesome day and a wristband will get you into six venues around town to see dozens of amazing bands. More info here:


02/04/12 Keeping you in the loop (sorry for the delay!!!)

Hey space cadets,

ok, ok, so it's been a while since we let you know what's happening here at the international spaceships station, sorry 'bout that. March has been a super-duper month of gigs, remixing, taking over record shops and as usual, making tons of origami rockets. Think we really need to teach some of you guys how to make them!

Highlights of the month were our LP launch at Jam Cafe in Nottingham where we completely took over the place. Many thanks to everyone who came down for that (and especially to all who helped put up the cardboard space station scenery). I hope someone actually got the golden origami rocket eventually. The launch was shortly followed by our gig at Village Underground in London supporting Slow Club. The whole night was organised by Atittude is Everything, championing venue and festival access for deaf and disabled, and as always it was an honour to support the cause.  Was intially thinking that Village Underground was one of the stranger venues we've played at with its converted tube carriages and huge brick engine shed vibe, but then quickly remembered that we've played in a hairdresser's and a converted slaughterhouse in Iceland!

So what's happening next? Well, on April 20th we'll be down at Antenna media centre in Nottingham for a lo-fi gig as part of a wonderful Nottingham artist's new work preview, then in early June some of us (joined by special guests) will be playing an outdoor acoustic set at an as yet un-announced Nottingham festival and if you're stuck down in the great city of London; come and check us out on the outdoor Guildhall stage during the City of London festival on July 6th.

seeya soon,   


14/02/12 the action is go!

Hey space kittens, February is going ace so far.  The new LPs have finally landed and are looking well-tasty featuring cartoon artwork by Jay at all hand screen printed by the lovely people at with eco-friendly water based inks onto card. (no of yer plastic nastiness here).

LPs are on CD in a neat little parcel pack and on 12" vinyl. It'll be hitting the online shops from end of March and is also gonna be in a few hand picked record stores in the UK and elsewhere. If you wanna get your hands on an LP earlier than that make sure you get down to the Musci Exchange record store in the west end arcade in Nottingham on Saturday 10th March for our 'shop takeover day' and you can buy one from us! PLUS.. you'll also be able to get a very limited edition compilation CD of artists remixed by Rob Spaceman himself.


And if that wasn't all... we'll be supporting Slow Club down at village underground in London on March 27th.


27/01/12 HERE COMES MARCH...

After a long winter of working in the studio, pressing records and printing sleeves and practicing a brand new live set, we are going public in March!  Starting on the 10th of March by taking over The Music Exchange record shop iin the middle of Nottingham where we will be spinning the new LP and some of our favourite tunes on a shiny orange record player & handing out some gingerbread spaceships from 2pm then finishing at 5pm with an acoustic set. This will also be your chance to get %20 of all spaceships merchandise during the day!


23rd of March is the eagerly awaited launch party for the new LP. It'll be at Jam Cafe in Nottingham and there'll be spaceships TV, origami rockets (with a chance to find the golden origami rockets that get you free signed copies of the LP!), and a full band live set of songs from the LP. Gonna be great, be even greater if you come along.


27th March is our first trip to London in quite a while. we are gonna being playing at Village Underground in Shoreditch with some mystery artists! the venue is well worth checking out just for the art studios in converted tube train carriages.

24/01/12 it's week 3!

So time moves quickly and we're already onto week 3 of our free download on a Friday season. this week's track is called Gamma Rays and features some eerie string arrangements from our very own Helen maddison. It's also a kinda role over week where the 1st free tune will now be taken off the website to make way for this week's tune. If you're very good we may put these back online at a later date!  Happy listening m'dears. x


I Found You To Be   is the 2nd of our free download tunes available on (you guessed it) the tunes page. week 1's track is still up there but will be taken down next Thursday as track 3 is posted, so keep downloading to collect them all.

Once you've got them all, send us your preffered running order & we'll send you a customised PDF/Jepg cover.

compile your own spaceships LP! 04/01/12

Greetings space cadets, 

starting next week we are gonna be posting a short instrumental tune every Friday for you to download for FREE! It'll be a bit like when you used to get a cheap little plastic toy out of each packet of breakfast cereal back in the good old days. Collect them all to make your own special 'not available in shops' LP!


Buy any spaceships are cool vintage wash t'shirt before xmas and you will get a FREE Heart echoes CD!!!!! how cool is that. It's a limited offer so get your orders in quick! 

THE NEW LP! 4/12/11

Be the first to get your virtual hands on the digital release of the new LP 'WE WERE HERE' available now from our favourite online music store: Gogoyoko


Let us know what you think x

It may be cold outside.... 12/11/11


It may be cold outside but all is warm and cosy here at Escape pod studios. The new LP 'WE WERE HERE' is now finished and mastered! The LP will feature artwork by New Giraffe city and both CD and Vinyls are being hand screen printed by the lovely people at I dress myself, we are hoping for a physical release in February (digital release should be just in time for the holiday season!). 

The big news this month is that we are now proud to have French label Alter-K as our publisher. Rob Spaceman has been working with Alter-K for some time as a remixer (Bernard Fevre, Symboter and NZCA/Lines) so it's now really wonderful to have spaceships officially onboard. All this will mean lots of adventures in France during 2012!

There are just two more live performances until 2012: Rob, Helen and Ben will be playing a special acoustic set at the House of Commons in support of Attitude is everything's 'State of access' report to MPs. It is an absolute pleasure to be part of this campaign to get better access to UK music venues for disabled and deaf audiences because lets face it, some of our venues here in the UK are rubbish!

The second (and last) gig of the year will be a chilled out set at The Jam Cafe in Nottingham for Notts Live Radio's festive party, so expect some presents and Dean Martin covers.


back from the land of the ice & snow

Hello, hello. So finally unpacked the last of our tour gear from Iceland and straight back into the studio for work on a remix of NZCA/Lines song 'Okinawa channels' for Alter-K records.  Many thanks to everyone who came out and saw us play in Akureyri, Egilstaddir & Reykjavik, you guys and gals were awesome!  

The tour was full of amazing adventures, here are just a few: Eating shark @mamma & papa Bloodgroup's House, skimming stones at icebergs, Helen playing in Bloodgroup's string quartet during their headlining show at Airwaves, Ben seeing Yoko Ono, handing out origami under the glitterball @Barbara Sunshine, tea with Svavar Knutur, the amazing veggie burgers @the laundromat cafe, driving past glaciers, late night studio porn talk with Janus & Hallur, Rob & Helen celebrating their wedding anniversary, Tim, Rob Y & Johnny rocking out in the moonscapes of Northern Iceland and meeting all our new friends.

Next up: we play at the last ever 'Fuck art, let's dance' night @The Chameleon in Nottingham on Friday 11th November and a special acoustic show @The Jam Cafe for Notts Live Radio's 'festive office party' on the 21st December.


Iceland updates 21/09/11

It's looking like it's gonna be a busy week over in Iceland this October with even more gigs confirmed during Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavik. Spaceships, Yunioshi & Bloodgroup will be heading up to play in Akureyri on the 8th & then onto Egilsstadir on the 9th before driving back to Reykjavik for the start of Airwaves on the 12th. 

the first day of Airwaves for us will start with a Folktronica-is-cool set performed by Rob Spaceman, Hallur & Raggi (from Bloodgroup) @Reykjavik Backpackers. Then it's off to Barbara club to check out Yunioshi.  Thursday is a day of rest and record shopping until Yunioshi's gig @Bar 11 at 8pm.

Friday has developed into a double-dater with an early-bird show at Barbara and then on to Bakkus (definitely our fave venue in Reykjavik). Our Icelandic adventures finish on Saturday with a 2nd show @Barbara, where if you came to the first you may get some special treats @the 2nd!    See you  there. 

Iceland again! ace! 02/09/11

Just sorting out our busy schedule for our trip to Iceland this october. So far it's gonna start with two awesome gigs in the North of the country with Bloodgroup and Yunioshi. Returning to Reykjavik for Iceland airwaves shows.

So far you can expect to see Rob spaceman & the spaceships folktronic allstars at daytime gigs in cafes from wednesday until Sunday and Spaceships full band shows on Friday and Saturday night.   Also make sure you come and check out Yunioshi's gigs throughout the week.

There will be more info up on the tour pages soon so keep watching this space.

Melodica acoustic festival Reykjavik 30/08/11

Rob & Helen have just returned from playing three acoustic shows at this year's Melodica festival in Reykjavik. 

Held over three days this year's Melodica featured ten international artists and fifty Icelandic artists at four small venues on laugavegur. Rob & Helen were joined by Hallur & Raggi from Icelandic electro band Bloodgroup to form the 'Spaceships all star folktronic experience' which has not been seen since their debut appearance at CMJ in New york in 2009. 

We met loadsa great people making great music over the last few days and you should really check them out:


There are some super-duper photos from the festival here:

Studio stories & Icelandic Adventures 20/08/11

August is seeing us just finishing off the new LP 'WE WERE HERE' It's full of all the usual bleeps and spaceships nonsense but has a much more tasty side to it that has developed out of the sounds from the live shows.

As we really don't like to waste space on CDs, we are making sure that the new LP fills a full 60 mins. Though this may mean dropping in the odd secret-special studio out take! Other news this month is that Rob Spaceman is off to Reykjavik next Thursday to play some acoustic gigs as part of the Melodica festival. Totally looking forward to playing some new venues as well as old faves like Hemmi & Valdi, Rob is also taking the opportunity to get some new tattoos done @Reykjavik ink! (though we are told that it won't be of a spaceship).

The full band will be heading back to Iceland in early October to play some dates with Icelandic electro masters BLOODGROUP in the north of the country before heading back to Reykjavik for more performances at Iceland Airwaves.

Ta ta for now,   S.A.C mission control. x

just got back from Liepaja 25/07/11


A great weekend was had by everyone at this year's Summer sound festival in Liepaja, Latvia. Our journey started off with sharing a tour bus with amazing Portuguese band KANDIA who played the alternative stage (on the beach & facing the sea!)  Great fun hanging out with these guys and eating ice cream.

Despite some serious rain, the weather cleared up just before we went on stage in the Fantasy Gardens, surrounded by stuffed woodland animals (the giant goose being the band's favourite) to play to an amazing crowd of people dancing in their waterproof ponchos. 

top festival highlights:

Sharing our stage with a wide collection of stuffed woodland animals.

the guy out of Toploader getting his picture taken with Johnny coz he had same haircut.

the portaloos being washed out to sea.

Playing superman theme tune on a rye bread piano (video footage up soon!).

meeting Janis from Goran Gora .

off road wheelcharing on the biggest beach ever!

the dance tent being blown away.

ladies on the main stage dancing in their pants (Rob Yunioshi there with his camera).

Having our picture with Captain morgan and his pirate ladies.

Dancing to Calvin Harris DJ set on the beach at midnight.

Helen went paddling in the sea.

Tim dancing to the Jackson 5 blasting out at 2am at the Fantasy Garden stage.

our crew member dropping her ice cream on the floor whilst spinning to avoid wasp attack.

eating sausages in the VIP tent at 3am with Kandia.

summer sound Liepaja. 22/07/11

We are on our way to Liepaja in Latvia to play at this year's summer sound festival! we are playing at 10.30pm on Friday 23rd July in the Fantasy Gardens next the the beach. gonna be a good one. we will be keeping you posted with lots of pictures and stuff on twitter!

and you can see all the festival action right here:

COMING SOON! 03/07/11

It's on it's way!   two fantastic tunes will soon be available to buy exclusively from gogoyoko....

The Tanuki project song TOYS remixed by Spaceships are cool

Spaceships song DON'T BE ALONE remixed by the Tanuki project.

This remixing collaboration was put together after our Canadian Music Week gig with them in Toronto.

NEW EP IS HERE! 28/06/11

It's finally here! our new 'North atlantic lights EP' is now available for streaming and downloading over at  It features a brand new version of Don't be alone, a great big studio version of North Atlantic Lights and a very special recording of 'This will be my dream' featuring the amazing Tatatamoto whilst at Canadian Music week last March.  see the 'making of' here:

July Live Shows 26/06/11

After a busy studio month in June we are now gonna be showing off our brand new live set at the following venues:

Saturday 2nd July @ the infamous Stealth vs Rescued club night in Nottingham. 

Friday 15th July @The beautiful octopus club at the Albany in Deptford, London.

Saturday 22nd July @the fantasy gardens, Summer sound festival Leipaja, Latvia.


New press photos 17/06/11

We took over the Gallery space @The Maltcross music hall in Nottingham and filled it with cardboard spaces station boxes designed by cartoonist Jason Allsebrook from New Giraffe City and a large amount of 1970s Tupperware.

Get yourself over to check out the new spaceships press photos from our wonderful day's shoot with Carla Mundy  


The amazing music of Olaf Schirm 14/06/11

We have been asked by the lovely people @ French Label Alter K to produce a remix of 1970s synth music pioneer Olaf Schirm. The track we are busy working on is called Crime and will hopefully go out as part of a remix compilation of Olaf's tunes later in the year.

Go check out Alter K's website! there's a whole loada great music on there including the awesome Black devil disco club (the brainchild of Bernard Fevre, who we remixed for LO recordings last year).

Summer is on it's way 13/06/11

Hello hello,  so we've been locked away in the studio all winter working on the new LP which is set to be released late summer. Ok this seems a long way off so in the meantime there's a brand new EP coming your way in July! The 'North Atlantic Lights EP will feature a brand new mix of Don't Be Alone along with new track North Atlantic lights as well as a very special live recording of This Will Be My Dream from our session at Liberty studios in Toronto ( during Canadian music week.


We made a little video of our time at Liberty studios, which mainly shows us drinking cups of tea and playing drums whilst Johnny dances like a robot.


Get ready for the new EP! Get ready for the new live set! Get your shoes on and come see us at : Stealth in Nottingham on 2nd July and if you're diggin that, come and join us at Summer sound Leipaja festival in Latvia on 23rd july.


Hooray & welcome to the brand new homepage!

So it was such a busy year in 2010; Playing at NXNE in Toronto, KME in Cagliari, Truck in Oxfordshire, Korrinader in Karlstad & Iceland airwaves in Reykjavik. Loadsa studio stuff including; x2 remixes of French synth legend Bernard Fevre (for Universal), a special folktronic remix of Icelandic electro band Bloodgroup, and our tracks appearing on MTV, BBC, Canadian fashion TV, US eco film Houston we have a problem, American airlines & Sky sports (even appearing on a US gym workout cd for ladies!) to name but a few.

We are off to a great start in 2011; brand new single Don't be alone is already out as a digi-single on iTunes, spotify, gogoyoko, eMusic with radio play on BBC 6music.

The new LP is underway (sampler tracks over @the tunes page as free downloads!) and is set for a summer release. An all new live show was debuted @the Bodega social in Nottingham as we supported Visions of trees (moshi moshi) and we are now only a few weeks off our 1st international trip of the year, Headling a show @Canadian Music Week in Toronto on March 12th.

As we approach summer there are more trips scheduled in Iceland, Canada, Latvia, Japan & Scotland! Seeya there. x

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